To all our Silas friends and fans,

Our warmest greetings from San Diego, California. Today marks a very big day as we announce one of the greatest changes in Something Like Silas history. Eric Owyoung (Vocals), Nick Maybury (Guitars), Luke Floeter (Bass), and Spencer Kim (Drums) announce the creation of our new band,


The end of Something Like Silas and the beginning of our new band have been caused by the many changes we have experienced over the past year that have moved us into a new creative direction with our music. With Nick and I (Eric) being the only original SLS members left it only seemed natural to rechristen this current cast of players. Over the past year, Luke Floeter (Bass), and Spencer Kim (Drums) have been essential in the direction of our music, and their roles have naturally led to a rebirth of sorts.

This bittersweet news entails much sentiment and nostalgia for us and for many of you as we bring Something Like Silas to a close. It has been an emotional process as we reflect on the significance of six years as Something Like Silas. We are looking back with such gratefulness to each of you for making those years as wonderful as they were. Concurrently we excitedly enter the new season as Future of Forestry. Musically, lyrically, emotionally, and relationally we feel a new passion. We are venturing into new territory, more territory to talk about God, about His love. We want to continue to let the power and emotion in music bring people to spiritual experiences with deeper understanding in their lives.

The other big news we have to announce is that Future of Forestry has already found a label home, Credential Recordings. Because Credential wholeheartedly supports our passion for sharing excellent and creative music that reflects a deep spiritual experience with the world, we could not be more excited about this new chapter and relationship with them.

We are thankful for your companionship so far and look forward to sharing the next part of the journey with you. Hear a Future of Forestry song for the first time on our new page! It is our pleasure to invite you into the music and mores of Future of Forestry. Check out somatodrol antes e depois for details on health supplements.

Eric Owyoung


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